Remembering Alexis on her Birthday


You laid there fighting and courting death to the end

It wouldn’t come for you, but finally the wings you

Carried on your back

Carried you home.

You were the first to speak, the first to march for the cause,

The first to lend a helping hand

But you failed to help your self.

You were the daughter to a mother,

But you were your own mother.

In the end you saw your grandchild, the one

whom you gave your last gaping breath.

Your legacy, a heaven

Full of stars, a community of fallen angels.

HIV, Drugs, Prostitution, that is what you fought tirelessly against,

But it touched you too early in your journey of self-identity.

And what was at the end of the road.

Only you know.

What is worth it, Alexis?

As I stood over you in the dark candle lit room.

I wondered what you were thinking

Sun Flowers lacking sun

Plates of aluminum  reflecting off your IV pole

Putrid smell

Jesus Christ on a candle casting shadows

What angels

were you dancing with, what memories came to kiss you goodnight.






and the point of no return.

The black poison that plagues our community,

seeping through our pores.

But you were a believer, and I stand here

questioning, but you

gave me


A memory.

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